Stand Up Comedy, (Before I Knew it had a Name)

My mom got us connected with cable when I was 9 years old. The first channel I was hooked to was Mtv, when they actually played music videos all day long! Our cable box was a manual one and no remote existed for it so, finding a good program and sticking to it was crucial if we wanted to enjoy our new television experience! Before too long, I stumbled along a channel known as A&E. Every evening, A&E would air an hour long program called, “A&E, an Evening at the Improv”. The show was set in a comedy club where 5 performers would take the stage and talk. Just, talk. Then I began to notice that at the end of almost every sentence, laughter would ensue! These performers were just talking and cracking the audience up with what seemed to be every syllable! I began to really pay attention, and soon, I was laughing too! Yes, although my mind at the time only contained the memories and life experiences of a 9 year old boy, every now and then, the performer on TV was making me laugh! Heck, The Bugs Bunny Show and The Tom & Jerry show never did that!

I watched that show religiously when I knew it would be on. Every performer I watched never disappointed me. NEVER! Some of those jokes stayed with me for years to come. I could recite most of them word for word. Now, with the boom of the Internet and sites like, I could revisit some of those old shows and performers. The search wasn’t difficult, and when I located the shows and jokes I was so fond of remembering, I was amazed, that even though I never realized it, the comics that uttered all of those magical words have since become household names! Here are some of those names:

Ellen Degeneres          Ron White

Martin Lawrence          Brian Regan

Bill Engvall                  Rosie O’donnell

Andre Dice Clay          Jeff Foxworthy

Adam Sandler             Jeff Dunham


Published by Omar Tarango

I am a father, company manager, and a stand up comic. Being a stand up comic is the least funniest of the three.

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