I’m Lazy

I’ve known about my laziness for a very long time now. And when I say ‘lazy’, I mean, lazy when it comes to doing things for me. You would think that I’ve got plenty of time to work on my comedy, but when I find that free time…I do nothing. I just vegetate. That’s all I do. The rest of my day is filled with operating at a frantic pace. When I have a little time to myself, I choose to just be. That’s all. I just like to ‘be’. Does that make sense? Let me run down a typical day for me:

6am – Up and at em’! Gotta get ready for work.Thank goodness I don’t have any hair cuz not having to comb my hair sure saves a lot of time.

6:50 Leave the house early to pick up my daughter from her mother’s house to take her to school.

8am – I make it to work where I work as a stock broker helping people lose their money. Thank goodness that the investment decisions are all made by our clients and I don’t ever have to give my 2 cents and be responsible for any of their financial down falls! Work is always done at 100 miles per hour…

4:30 – Quitting time. Gotta head back out to the opposite side of town to pick up my daughter from any sports activity she may be in, then pick up my other kid to make our way to the park where I coach his football team. Practice ends at 7.

7:45 – After dropping my son off at his mother’s house, I then head on over to the gym to get my work out in for the day. There’s plenty of commitment here and as I get older, it’s now not just for looks but to stay alive!

8:45 – Head out of the gym then to my favorite meat market where I get the best steaks, chicken and fish in town!

9:15 – Home sweet home, where I must greet and feed my stupid dog, shower, then make myself my dinner.

10:00 – Me time… It’s now too late to do anything else. Write jokes? Not tonight. Gotta head to bed to repeat this schedule all over again..

Tonight, however, I chose to blog….

My salute to every Underdog out there!!


Published by Omar Tarango

I am a father, company manager, and a stand up comic. Being a stand up comic is the least funniest of the three.

One thought on “I’m Lazy

  1. I totally get the vegetation! In two weeks, I’ll be on summer break and doing just that. I may just lie on the floor and look at the ceiling for the first few days.

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