The Polygraph Machine Lie Detector; A Lie of it’s Own

I have other interests other than stand up comedy. For starters, I LOVE finding the loopholes in everything! Here’s an example of a HUGE one I’ve known about for years!


I question everything! And the lie detector, (Polygraph Examination,) is no exception. How is it possible that a machine can detect whether or not someone is lying? It’s not! It simply is not possible. So what is the lie detector machine? Well, let’s just say that it’s a glorified vital sign detection machine. It can monitor your heart beat, breathing, and your sweat glands. Wow! Even my mother can do that! Although I would love to give you all of the inside information in the space of this blog, I’d much rather let YOU do the research on your own. Believe me, the information is all out there. But I will let you in on some of the things that PROVE that the Polygraph machine was designed to intimidate a person to be entirely truthful even BEFORE they take the exam! Consider the following;

1.) The examiner will 1st have you answer a series of questions based on information you are to be entirely truthful about. Things that are immediately obvious such as, your name,  your age, and your date of birth, will be asked. These questions are asked while you are hooked up to the machine. The examiner, (polygrapher,) will take note of the machine’s reaction to your truthful responses. As you tell the truth, the polygraph machine, (vital sign detector,) will create lines that move very little, because your heart rate, breathing and sweat glands are reacting normally.

2.) After the 1st series of questions, you are then asked those same questions again, this time, you are told to PURPOSELY lie! As you do so, your body changes the way your heart beats, the way you breath, and your sweating increases, EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE INSTRUCTED TO PURPOSELY LIE! No pressure there, huh?! Even so, the examiner will take note of your body’s vital sign responses. Now that the examiner has two different readings to compare the REAL test questions to, the examiner is now, SUPPOSEDLY, able to tell if you are lying or being truthful to any question.

The only problem with this is, that even if you are being entirely truthful, it is POSSIBLE that the examiner will determine that you are lying! Your vital signs are affected by many things. The fact that you are nervous to begin with, will certainly have an affect on your vital signs. How about the pressure of having to take an exam in the 1st place? Yup, you guessed it, that will affect your vital signs as well.

What can you do to protect yourself? Is it possible. ABSOLUTELY! As I have previously stated, do the research and you will be very surprised! I would hate to take any credit for the hard work that others have put in to exposing this horrible fraud. In fact, 8 years ago, I ordered the information online from the following site;

Although I’m sure you can locate a lot of information for free, the web site I suggested has it for you all prepared in one nice tight package. It’s well worth it. Then again, your time and your money is all yours to determine how you will continue your search.

Years ago, I was hired as a detention officer with the local Sheriff’s office in Arizona, and I had to pass a polygraph exam to be accepted.  A few years later, I applied to a local police agency to become a cop. I was required to take a polygraph with them as well. I took it and was asked the very SAME questions I had passed with the Sheriff’s office a few years earlier, and I FAILED! Not only did I fail it once, I failed it TWICE! Something was definitely wrong!

Look, if you are to face the polygraph soon, then you need to educate yourself. Don’t go unprepared. They’re ready for you, why not be ready for them? You can learn to beat it. And one last thing;


I wonder why? Don’t you?


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I am a father, company manager, and a stand up comic. Being a stand up comic is the least funniest of the three.

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