I Almost Died Today


Perhaps I’m being a little too dramatic with the title of this blog, but after today’s scare, it sure felt like I was gonna get kilt!

I was riding my 2006 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic, headed eastbound on Pershing Ave. I was riding at the slow pace of 25 mph through a residential neighborhood. At the corner of Pershing Ave. there is Walgreen’s store with parking lot exits on three sides of each neighboring street. As I approached one of those parking lot exits, my vision was blinded by another vehicle that was parked along the curb near that parking lot exit. As I approached that portion of that parking lot, a huge truck made it’s way out. The idiot driving that POS, (I’m sure it was a 2016 Chevy POS), failed to stop as they drove through the exit. I saw the nose of the truck come in to my vision past the parked car and I had but milliseconds to react. I hit both of my brakes in an effort to stop my bike’s momentum and not hit the truck straight on. At the same time, the driver of that POS recognized that they made a crucial error by not stopping, and INSTEAD OF BRAKING to allow me to at least have a change to swerve to avoid hitting them, they accelerated and moved even more into my path. The idiot driver then brought their truck to a complete and abrupt stop. As I applied my brakes, my bike skidded to the right, sending my handlebars towards the left. I ease up on the brakes, allowed the motorcycle to continue its momentum as it skidded and I managed to swerve, (onto an oncoming lane of traffic, mind you!) and missed the truck literally by inches!

The driver of the truck did not stop and I pulled over at an O’Reilly’s, where I was actually headed, and took a few deep breaths and went inside. Despite the fact that I managed not to get hit, I can still recall seeing the crowd of people that froze to watch my almost impending doom. People walking outside of the Walgreen’s and on the sidewalk stopped and stared hopelessly at my predicament. It was like when Mike Tyson was knocking people out and people paid buku bucks just to watch his fights end in the first round. They knew I stood no chance.

I have been riding my motorcycle every day since I got it this past April and I have always practiced being safe. I have seen drivers of cars make driving errors each and every day I’m out there. It’s almost inevitable that drivers make mistakes daily in this city. Some of these people have no regard for their safety much less the safety of others. I know I’m venting, but my heart has not stopped beating fast for over an hour now.

Thank you for reading…


Published by Omar Tarango

I am a father, company manager, and a stand up comic. Being a stand up comic is the least funniest of the three.

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