No One Will Read This

I come here to air my grievances. Things aren’t well. Financially, I’ve reached the point where I’ll have to get a job to support my standup comedy career. I’ve run out of cash flow. I have a few bookings left for the end of the year, but nothing that’s gonna really pay the bills. Oh well, that’s life. It’s time to get to work.

I’ve applied to almost every marketing job I can think of. I hold a masters degree in the field, but for some reason or another, the employer fish aren’t biting. I’ll have to resort to day labor positions. I’m not above working hard, so I won’t be playing that “woe is me” routine.

More importantly, my relationship of 2 and a half years ended today. Rather than go into detail about who did what or who failed to do this or that, I’ll say this, I’m torn up about it. My first inclination is to go to social media and play the, please feel sorry for me role, but I’m done with that silliness. I come here because I can express myself better in written words than having to reach out to a friend to tell my tale of woe.

In the last year, I made a move from one city to another, from one state to another; and I did it for love. I thought I had met the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. No, I knew I had met the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. They just didn’t feel the same way. When you know, you know, right? I think I felt enough to know.

They say that you are in a relationship to get married or to break-up. I don’t know who said it, but I’ve heard it before. In my case, there was no light at the end of that tunnel. I felt like I was in limbo. Feelings were just not reciprocated.

Now what? Now, I keep on living. What else is there to do? I need to make an income. I need to further my standup career. I need to continue to be self-sufficient. I need to do what I’ve always done; survive.

I hope I never to have to blog like this again.



Published by Omar Tarango

I am a father, company manager, and a stand up comic. Being a stand up comic is the least funniest of the three.

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