I’m Doing It

I suffer from “Imposter Syndrome”. I have suffered from this most of my life. I think that’s why I never stay put in one profession. I have never settled very long at anything I have ever done. I have had approximately twenty-two jobs over my lifetime. Not to pat myself on the back, but I have been pretty damn good at all of them. The longest position I have ever held was as a District Manager for a world-wide security company. I was employed by them for seven years. Be that it as it may, despite the fact that I have held so many jobs, I have never gone hungry.

There is one job which I have held for seventeen years; Standup Comedian. Yes, it is a job. It is a trade I have cultivated and honed for a significant amount of time. I have abandoned it and come back to it several times over the years. I am good at it. I know I am good at it. People pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to bring me to their cities or town, or book me on their cruise ships. I am good at it.

When I started out, I thought that making it in standup meant that I had to become famous. I thought that I needed to measure my success by the amount of actual comedy clubs who were booking me. I am now discovering that measuring my success by those standards was not very fair to me.

I remember having a conversation with a comedy club owner who asked me, “What do you want from all of this? What do you hope to accomplish in comedy?” I answered, “I just want to be a working comic. I want to be on the road doing what I love.” Here I am, almost thirteen years later and I am actually doing it. I have begun to book comedy dates again. I have got agents reaching out to me for my availability. I have left a world wide web fingerprint, complete with access to my body of comedy work, online.

I have allowed others to convince me that this wasn’t a job. I have allowed others to convince me that I needed a 9-to-5 to succeed in life. I have allowed others to minimize what I am doing in the world of comedy. I won’t allow that anymore. People have come and gone in my life. I have felt the loneliness of the world. The only one that has never abandoned me has been this business called comedy. I am doing it. I am a working comic.


Published by Omar Tarango

I am a father, company manager, and a stand up comic. Being a stand up comic is the least funniest of the three.

One thought on “I’m Doing It

  1. “A worldwide fingerprint” on society, I love that! I struggle with putting out content (for a variety of silly reasons) & this quote has inspired me to put out content. Thanks working comic!

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