Performing For A Bunch of Lawyers

Tomorrow, I have a gig performing in front of a bunch of Insurance Litigation attorneys. I will also be delivering a short Motivational message before doing some stand up. After the stand up portion, I will be Emceeing their White Elephant Gift Exchange. This should be a blast! Okay, now on to this blog andContinue reading “Performing For A Bunch of Lawyers”

The Polygraph Machine Lie Detector; A Lie of it’s Own

I have other interests other than stand up comedy. For starters, I LOVE finding the loopholes in everything! Here’s an example of a HUGE one I’ve known about for years! THE LIE THAT IS THE LIE DETECTOR I question everything! And the lie detector, (Polygraph Examination,) is no exception. How is it possible that aContinue reading “The Polygraph Machine Lie Detector; A Lie of it’s Own”