A Joke in its Infancy

It always amazes me when a new joke comes out of the gate and works! This bit has a lot of the joke writing elements to it that are crucial to its success. Rather than get in to the technical aspect of the joke, I’ll let you just enjoy it!


One of the biggest fears for a beginning comic is how to deal with hecklers. For the most part, it is more difficult for a heckler to try to ruin a comedy show at an actual comedy club than at a bar. After all, people are paying their hard earned cash to be entertained but,Continue reading “HECKLERS!!”

Omar Tarango @ Laffs Comedy Caffe’ in Tucson


I had an amazing time in Tucson this past weekend! Here is an audio sample of some of that performance. I’ve paid my dues at the local bars around my hometown in El Paso, Texas and these clips are proof positive that hard work never goes unrewarded! Enjoy!!