Humility (in this business) Gets Me Nowhere

My Professional Press Kit

The Creating Process of New Joke

A radio ad is now marketing Hooked on Phonics to illiterate adults. An illiterate adult had to either be skipping school at an early age or their teachers called in a lot. I’m sure admitting to being illiterate is as embarrassing as showing up to school the next day after losing a fight. Doesn’t illiteracyContinue reading “The Creating Process of New Joke”

The School of “Hard Knocks”

The city where I live only has one comedy club. I have been keeping myself sharp by performing at a local bar on Tuesday nights. The audience is usually not that attentive but it’s my job to get their attention, and for the most part, I do just that! People that go to bars areContinue reading “The School of “Hard Knocks””

The Anatomy of a Joke and Why You Laugh

The spoiler in me likes to take the fun out of things. Take magic, for example. We all know it’s trickery or illusion or slide of hand yet, we’re amazed every time we’re fooled. I’ve always made it a goal to dissect and figure out how a magician does what he does, and in today’sContinue reading “The Anatomy of a Joke and Why You Laugh”

Nothing is a Joke to Me

Sleep doesn’t come easy when a million things are running through my head. Hopefully this entry will help my mind settle in for the night. It’s a frustrating feeling when I try to channel any of my thoughts into something funny, but can’t. The best material comes from tough times in life and I certainlyContinue reading “Nothing is a Joke to Me”

Stand Up Comedy, (Before I Knew it had a Name)

My mom got us connected with cable when I was 9 years old. The first channel I was hooked to was Mtv, when they actually played music videos all day long! Our cable box was a manual one and no remote existed for it so, finding a good program and sticking to it was crucialContinue reading “Stand Up Comedy, (Before I Knew it had a Name)”

If It’s Funny, You Don’t Have to Laugh. If You go to a Stand Up Comedy Show, You’ll Have no Choice.

I remember my childhood days watching Saturday morning cartoons with my little brother. We would sit there, emotionless, watching The Bugs Bunny show. The show was hilarious, yet my brother and I never opened our mouths and uttered anything remotely resembling a laugh! Our old man would walk in and shout, in Spanish, “Rianse’!” (“Laugh!).Continue reading “If It’s Funny, You Don’t Have to Laugh. If You go to a Stand Up Comedy Show, You’ll Have no Choice.”